Field art print.
Details from the artwork.
The artwork presented in a living room.
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Field art - Pastel green field

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How pleasing is it to spend time in a living room designed exactly to your taste? How fulfilling is it to finally find the perfect accent for your home decor?

By putting this artwork in your living room, you will introduce a one-of-a-kind color combination to the room’s design language, meaning you won’t have to worry about installing a multi-color complex interior design. You can keep your living interiors in classic colors. By hanging this artwork on one of your walls, you will give an elegant splash of color to the entire living space. If your furniture has neutral colors, like gray, or soft colors, like off-white, then you are absolutely good to go! This artwork will give your home the best color effect!

The size of the canvas is 30” x 24”, and it has a frame thickness of 1.25”. The canvas is solid-faced, and the sides of the frame have a white fabric. The image is printed in the highest quality, making sure that the image’s details are carefully preserved. The canvas is made to stay taut and flat, with a hard-sealed backing and hanging hardware for an easy installation process. The canvas is protected with a UV coating, providing scratch resistance. The high-quality manufacturing and printing ensures the artwork will live on for generations. The packing materials include a clear poly bag, Styrofoam to protect the edges, and a box.

The print, created by Hila Fleischer, is reproduced from the original Field art painting. The Field art painting features a calming color palette thanks to its vintage pink-hue sky, pastel-green fields, and multiple brown areas. The delicate presence of this artwork will bring a sweet sense of nostalgia to any living space.

Buy a high-quality art print now and get the best, final touch to your home’s décor!